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Your Pitches Go Here

Hey folks,

Pitch day is tomorrow! Please write up your pitch (following the format listed in the below post), and paste it into a comment on this thread.

Additionally YOU MUST HAVE A SLIDE to accompany your pitch. It should be an 800×600 pixel 72dpi image saved as a JPG file. You can e-mail it to:


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  1. Brett Marlow says:

    Blown Up: A new kind of sight
    Connect, interact, grow and learn with twentysomethings who see the world a different way.

    Affected individuals: Twentysoemthings living with a visual disability who are in search of more information regarding ways to improve their way of life through means of more advanced and modern technology, gadgets, surgeries or techniques to improve their sight. These people are both male and female, in high school to college level education looking for ways to learn and connect without a stigma attached through means of social media whether it is posts, forums, podcasts, articles or first-hand columns. There are other ways of doing this of course, but this user would be more tech, an Internet savvy user who uses the computer as a way to explore and learn as it’s an easier medium than others. This would be a resource, a place for them to cultivate and connect or learn.

    (In)directly affected individuals: (parents, teachers): While they may not be completely effected individuals these people would visit the site to learn more about something they may know about, but don’t have too specific of knowledge. It would be a resource for them to understand what is happening in this niche, what struggles, advancements, etc. are out there and how others who may be in their position have coped or what products, etc. have worked for them that they may be able to use with their family members or students who are visually disabled and that they deal with.

    Outsiders: Hopefully the site would break the stereotype of chunky bifocal-wearing people who are visually disabled and find out more about how visually disabled people cope in various situations and how meaning through the use of different vision-enhancing technologies, gadgets and/or surgeries, but also everyday things like navigating a city or how living without a car affects their lives. These people would have an interest in the field, but it would not be as specific as those affected or

    Interaction of personas: the affected individuals would be the “super users,” the ones who are eager for the next post or next bit of information. They would be the loyal visitors who check in regularly or subscribe to podcasts on iTunes to hear (and see!) what’s going on for them in and outside of their world. Others like the indirectly effected individuals I see as checking in every now and then when they themselves have issues or questions regarding a specific topic tied to the website where they could search or read through postings to find something that could be useful to their child, family member or student in helping them adapt or learn or network. Others, say like eye care professionals or eye doctors could also use the site in the same fashion to see what problems, concerns their low-vision patients may be having and to see what they’re learning about and how. They may also be able to address questions users have posed they may only be able to answer or whatnot. Others, I see as coming as way to learn, as well.

  2. Michael Purgatorio says:

    Website Pitch

    2) The webpage gives well-rounded insight on cheap (Under $10 a person) Chicago restaurants for middle-aged Suburbanites (40-55).

    Alan Fritz
    Gender: Male
    Relationships: Supports a family with children in college or recent graduates.
    Income/Job: $60,000 per year /Advertising executive.
    Education: BA in Marketing from Illinois State University.
    Interests/Hobbies: Enjoys futzing with computers (Building/rebuilding), uses the internet daily for business e-mailing and projects. Has the latest electronic gadgets, from iPhone’s to an over abundance of laptops.
    Attitude towards technology: Uses it constantly, especially the internet. He is very organized and enjoys structure in his life. There is a level of extreme dependability on his techno gadgets.
    Reason for coming to my site: He works hard, so the weekend is usually dedicated to a night on the town with his wife/friends. Whatever restaurant is close, has ample parking, and is fairly priced, may be a restaurant he will choose. Perhaps, the only reason he doesn’t make it downtown, is the fact that it’s too difficult to park down there and prices/taxes are high. He comes to my website to read editorials on cheap Chicago restaurants, news of any grand openings, and tips for parking. He likes structure, so he normally used my site in conjunction to the CTA trip planner when the weather permits a train ride.

    Gloria Jean
    Gender: Female
    Relationships: Married, two children – one of which still lives at home.
    Income/Job: $50,000 per year/ Highschool math teacher.
    Education: BS in Continuing Education from UIC.
    Interests/Hobbies: Doesn’t have much time for a hobby. Always teaching or working around the house. Enjoys food and vacationing but unfortunately money is thin, so their family seldom travels.
    Attitudes towards technology: Despises it, she only uses it to the extent at which her job requires her. She can surf the internet and use e-mail but she prefers doing everything in person.
    Reason for coming to my site: Her idea of a good time is “dinner and a movie.” If she has time on the weekends, she enjoys meeting up with friends and going for dinner. She is extremely, extremely frugal. If she doesn’t feel confident in the price of her purchase, she won’t buy it. Upon running across my website she would use it for the bare bones minimum. She doesn’t read often, so editorials would be a waste of time for her. She likes variety and if she can find a cheap restaurant downtown and get a solid review through short user-generated content, she’ll become a regular. She fancies my news blurb, too.

    Kelly Cateka
    Gender: Female
    Relationships: Divorced, kids went to the father.
    Salary/Job: $34,000 per year/medical secretary.
    Education: Highschool diploma and associates from community college (General Studies)
    Interests/Hobbies: She likes to keep active by power walking around the neighborhood and playing with her pets. It’s hard for her to get out because she works so often. She enjoys a good drink every once in awhile with her co-workers though. She loves downtown Chicago and all it’s attractions but has never driven down there. Her ex-husband would drive everywhere.
    Attitude towards technology: She likes the internet although she does feel a bit intimidated at times. She knows how to use You Tube and Facebook but not Ebay. There’s a big trust issue with purchasing items over the internet.
    Reason for coming to my site: When she does go out for a drink and dinner on the weekends (On dates or with co-workers), she likes big portions/cheap prices. She uses my website because it allows her to plan everything accordingly with her friends – now she’s the social ring leader. Trip planner, editorials and weather updates interest her. My site is among her bookmarks.

    4) All of these personas boast a different level of “internet literacy.” So they will use my website in varying ways. Fritz is an “on the go” business man who takes a strong liking to computers and technology. He will use the site to its fullest extent: editorials, news blurbs, blogs, CTA trip planner, and weather updates. As for Jean, she isn’t a big fan of the internet but she is a big fan of deals. After finding my website, she would enjoy the user generated content about cheap eats– they are short and easy to read. She may favorite the site but she only visits on occasion. Kelly lives on a tighter budget and when she does go out, she looks to maximize her purchases. She hates driving downtown and will primarily use the CTA trip planner and Google maps integration.

  3. Molly Lynch says:

    F Major

    A music resource guide for Chicago’s emerging female talent.


    1. Aspiring female musicians: These women, typically between the ages of 18-25, are young ladies who want to make a name for themselves in Chicago’s extensive underground music scene. They are creative, web-savvy women who feel that there is a gap in coverage of local (and emerging) female musicians. These women range from singer/songwriters to frontwomen of all-girl bands, or they are the only girl in an all-boy band. They typically book shows or get in contact with other music folk via MySpace, but still seek a reliable source for show listings, to check out other talent and connect with other lady-centric bands.

    2. Chick music enthusiasts: While these people aren’t necessarily musicians, they have a strong passion for listening to live music and supporting women in Chicago’s music scene. They are college students or young adults who seek information about unknown (but good) girl music acts. They are not fans of popular music. They want a reliable source to turn to for suggestions on new talent to see. These people would love to attend a show for a night of music by women. They seek an interactive site with videos and photos, which will then allow them to tell more of their friends, thus getting more exposure for the female musicians on the site.

    3. Other women in the music industry: Making it in the music business isn’t just tough if you’re a musician, but involved with music in any capacity. These people are interested in other aspects of the music industry (i.e. sound, crew positions, tour management, music journalism, female graphic designers/photographers for album artwork) and would like ways to connect with others in the industry.

    Interaction of personas:

    It’s pretty obvious that the “super users” of this site would be the aspiring musicians themselves, but coming in a close second would be the chick music enthusiasts. Since this website is intended to act as a music resource guide for the musicians themselves, I would hope this would be something they would rely on and check on a regular basis. However, from talking to people who love music but aren’t musicians, I get a sense that there is still a great need for this in Chicago. I don’t want to place any group or type of user above another because I really want this site to be a learning tool for everyone involved, thus the reason I want the focus to be a resource guide.

  4. Chicago Sports Collective

    Chicago Sports Collective will pair blog and mainstream media content on Chicago’s five beloved pro sports teams in one convenient place, and will serve serve as a hub for user submitted photos and video.



    Matt is a casual user at Chicago Sports Collective. He’s just out of college and works 9-5 as an accountant. He sits all day in front of a computer. When he has down time at his job, he likes to check the latest information on his favorite Chicago sports teams. The problem is that Matt is a busy dude with big responsibilities, so he doesn’t have time to go to 30 different Web sites to find out why Carlos Zambrano couldn’t throw a strike last night. Plus, when he gets home, the last thing he wants to do is waste time on the Internet after spending all day at work. So Matt checks out Chicago Sports Collective to find out all the news and opinions he needs to know about the Bulls, Bears, Blackhawks, Cubs, and White Sox.


    Brendan is older and more established than Matt. He spends big bucks to attend lots of Cubs and Bears games, and takes photos and videos environment around him on his iPhone. At Chicago Sports Collective, Brendan posts his pictures and videos of interesting stuff that happens around the ballpark, like a video of a fight in the stands at a Cubs-Sox game, or picture the crowd erupting after Derrick Rose slam dunk.


    Dan is a college student in Illinois. He thinks there are lots of cool Chicago sports blogs but doesn’t have the time check all of them out each day. He is also rather poor, and hasn’t been to a Cubs game in years. At Chicago Sports Collective, he likes the user submitted fan videos and pictures, and checks out all the information he needs to know each day in a convenient package.

    Chicago Sports Collective will monitor the coverage from local papers (Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times, Daily Herald), national Web sites (ESPN, SI, Fox Sports, AOL Fanhouse), and a host of blogs (BleedCubbieBlue, HireJimEssian, SouthSideSox, SoxMachine, Blog-a-Bull, ect.). The teams covered will be the Chicago Bears, Bulls, Blackhawks, Cubs, and White Sox.

  5. Lauren Wille says:

    Site Name:

    This site is a guide for Chicago students looking to eat healthy while on a budget. College students because frankly, many of their diets aren’t great. They live off dorm food, Ramen, frozen pizzas, and things of the sort. Its main outlet will be recipes, posted by both the creator as well as reader send-ins. Restaurants will be featured weekly.


    College students that I have talked to agree that they have poor diets, and have low budgets. It’s easy to eat pizza or fast food, but sometimes they would like to be healthier and eat out less often.

    Norman Franklin:
    Age: 20
    College Student

    “I live off of Ramen and frozen pizzas.”
    He likes to cook but always goes for the easier route.

    Mel Newman:
    Age: 21
    College Student

    “I usually eat out, other than PP&Js. But it puts quite the dent in the funds after awhile.”
    She doesn’t know how to cook that many things, so that’s why she eats out. It’s getting expensive, though, and she thinks eating in will be cheaper and healthier.

    1. Avid User: The avid user would be someone who uses the site somewhere between daily and weekly. This person would be someone who abides to what the site is all about and uses everything it has to offer: They have little money, want to eat well, and like to cook their own meals. They would check the site for new recipes and restaurants often and be willing to concoct their own dishes. This person wants to tell all their friends about this site.

    2. Casual User: The casual user is someone who checks occasionally when they are feeling a “every now and then” need to be healthy or shop smart or make something in their own kitchen. They know how the site works and use most of its features. They might even suggest it to friends.

    3. The User Who Knows About it but Doesn’t use it Often: This user is someone who one night wants to eat healthy but has no idea how and they think “OH YEAH. That one website!” and proceed to use this website. Hopefully they will turn into a more casual or avid user.

  6. Emily Capdevielle says:

    Site Name: is a site were college-aged individuals can find music venues in Chicago to see a variety of bands and keep up with music news in the city. The site caters to those who reside outside of the city and are planning to visit for a night of entertainment and/or learn more about local bands.

    The site includes essential information for all music lovers that want to learn and experience more of Chicago’s music talent. There are reviews of local bands in area, venues where they play, ticket information, Google maps for directions and editorials.

    The editorials explore anything that has to do with the music scene in Chicago from band profile pieces, to upcoming bands in various Chicago neighborhoods. Music news can also include special events bands are hosting and reviews of current shows.


    One persona is Kris Esquivel who is 20-years-old, is a single male with a fulltime job, and goes to McHenry County College (MCC). He lives in Crystal Lake, a suburb of Chicago and makes frequent visits to the city to see live bands. His interests include listening to different genres of music, hanging out with friends and visiting Chicago. Kris is an avid Facebook user that keeps tabs on when his favorite bands come to Chicago and finding new music. A reason Kris has to come visit my site is that he can explore new local bands that constantly play in Chicago. He can also look over reviews and other music news in the city.

    Another persona Leena Thomas, is a 21-year old single female that is a fulltime student and works part-time at a bank. She attends UIC but lives in a suburb of Chicago. Her interests include playing her guitar and finding new music to listen to. Leena gets impatient trying to find a site that has all the information she needs to find a show in Chicago featuring local bands. She wants a quick and easy way to find the next best show in the city and how to get there. Leena’s attitude toward technology is positive but has been let down by all the boring sites she comes across that have no pizzazz.

    Pam Hoover is a 23-year-old female who goes to college in Wisconsin but lives in the Chicago area. She goes back home when she can and is always looking for something new and fun to do with her friends. She enjoys going to concerts and to the movies. Her attitude toward technology is that she thinks a lot of it is boring and useless. She mainly goes online to look up new events and things to do. She would go to my site to peruse upcoming shows in Chicago when she’s in town and to go to new places while enjoying live bands.

  7. Jennifer Nunez says:

    Jennifer Nunez
    Online Journalism
    D. Sinker/ Thur. 9am.


    Title for Site: Cuisine for the Collegiate

    Description: The place to go to for cheap and easy recipes as well as information on where to go out for food on a tight budget for college kids in Chicago.

    Jack is a sophomore at Roosevelt University. He lives in an efficiency studio downtown and works part-time at Jamba Juice for $8 an hour. He doesn’t have enough money to be eating out for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day, but his job allows him to pay for his cell phone and dinner out once in a while. Jack goes to the web site to find easy and cheap recipes he can make for himself in a hurry and once a week he checks in to see where the good deals are for dinner in the city. He visits the site about four times a week.
    Lindsay goes to Columbia College where she studies music business. She lives in the University center where a kitchen is not designed into the dorm rooms. She has to live off snack food and fast food like McDonalds and Wendy’s; but she wants real food from a real restaurant. She goes to the web site daily to find out where the best deals are.
    Michael is a senior at DePaul University where he studies marketing while working a full-time job at a bank. He is paying his own way through school and cannot afford to use too much money on going out. He gives himself one night a week to go out and enjoy himself on $20. He is trying to figure out a way to stretch the $20 into two separate nights on the town. He visits the site every few weeks when he has time off to enjoy himself to find where all the best deals are in town.

  8. Name: Rapid Transit

    Description: A collective resource of the urban biking community for Chicago college students

    1. Chicago biking enthusiasts/ experienced urban bikers: These college students ranging from their late teens to late twenties, have the basics of Chicago’s bike community down. They know the city’s biking laws, safety tips, best resources and best paths to take. They’re the bikers you’ll see on a daily basis on their way to class with messenger bags slung over their backs while riding on bright colored, fixed-gear bikes. Like the biking group MASH based in San Francisco, this group of experienced bikers seek a reliable source to communicate with other bikers, find biking-related events and to get the latest updates on new biking gear and equipment.

    2. College students that are new to the urban biking scene: Those that are looking for a more economically and environmentally sound (not to mention getting exercise) mode of transportation around the city but have little experience with biking in Chicago, will be seeking a resource to know how and where to get started. From the best bike shops and safety tips to learning about the most efficient and stress-free city routes, they will want a reliable source that will put all the basic information right at their fingertips.

    3. DIY Bikers: A subculture within a greater culture, another large part of Chicago’s college student biking community is the DIY bikers—those that purchase their own bike parts and build a fixed gear or single speed, custom designed bike. These bikers seek a resource that will provide the best websites and stores to purchase tires, frames, etc., and offer step-by-step instructions on how to construct the bike.

    4. Those that are just getting into urban biking will find this site especially useful. Entering into the biking community in Chicago can be a daunting and intimidating task, and a website designed to lead them along the way (from getting a bike to learning the best bike paths) will be extremely helpful to integrate them into the city’s massive scene. They would be the “casual” users, occasionally checking the site when the need arises to find the best path from the Northwest side to downtown. The biking enthusiasts and experienced bikers would be the “super” users. They would frequently check the site for the latest updates on the newest/best biking equipment and to check for any new biking events hitting the city. The DIY bikers would dance between the two. While they would check the website occasionally to get a tip or two on how to construct their bike, they would also find the need to check it almost daily if they were looking to purchase certain pieces (by streaming the latest and best bike parts on the website, they can find up to date information and prices from multiple sellers).

  9. Kate Spethmann says:

    MODERN (gentle)MAN:
    A comprehensive, up-to-date guide of chivalry and all things well-mannered, for men in their twenties.

    Casual User, Phil: “I’ve got a date tonight with a girl I could introduce to my mom. How do I not f*** this up?”
    Serial dater, looking for “the one”
    2nd year at job right out of college $32,000/yr
    College Graduate (semi-recent)
    Happy hour, guys night, mama’s boy, closet hopeless romantic
    Somewhat tech savvy, avid Facebook user, networker…

    Super User, Mark: “Dude, how do I become a contributor to this site??”
    “Long term relationship guy”
    College Student
    Movies, concerts, video games, graphic design
    Blogger, tech literate
    Friends poke fun at his overly courteous ways, romantic and virtuous… sees marriage and a family in his future, talks to his mom once every week.

    Curious user, Brendon: “modern what?! Is this serious?…” interested is peaked by shocking or negative reaction to initial concept.
    Jokster, Smart a**
    Has found “the one” …at least 19 times.
    College student, undecided major
    Laughing, practical jokes, visiting with friends, watching bad horror movies and good comedies
    Secretly looking to improve himself but passing it off as a joke

    Hopeful dreamer user, Lilli: “See? I knew I wasn’t crazy…’they’ still exist.”
    Falls “in love” 2-3 times a year, in love with love
    Works in retail while paying her way through college
    Shopping, cherishes her tight “sex and the city” group of tightly bonded
    girlfriends, Perez Hilton, secretly sneaks onto ever once and again

    “I can fix him” user, Joanna: “I’ve devoted 5 years to this guy. I’m not giving up now, there has to be a class or something. I can ‘fix’ him.”
    Over functioning caregiver, long-term relationship (that isn’t ‘perfect’)
    mid-late 20s, ready to settle down… Kindergarten teacher
    Girls night out with her married friends, margaritas and gossip, women’s
    interest magazine’s, school and kids, her boyfriend.

    Persona narrative:
    Phil sheepishly Googles “courtesy on a date” the morning before the Big Date. He has somehow convinced a real winner to join him for dinner and drinks. “Do people still bring flowers? Do I try to kiss her? What shouldn’t I talk about? “ So many questions bounced around Phil’s head as he stumbles across, clicks on the link entitled “First date? Take a deep breath and…”

    While Phil is busy brushing up on his dating etiquette, his roommate Brendon pops his head into Phil’s room asking to borrow a clean pair of underwear. Brendon ends up reading and skimming over Phil’s shoulder at first thinking it was a joke. “No, dude,” Phil insisted, “this is good stuff, man. Chicks dig it.” Brendon laughed it off, walked out and twenty minutes later sat at his own computer down the hall browsing “how to: ‘pick up’ a girl properly” listings.

    Across town, in a seemingly different universe, Mark is speeding through his daily routine of Blogs and correlating “you may like this, too” RSS feeds. While typing very slowly and softly as to not wake up his girlfriend across the room, he stumbles across Intrigued, he reads on and gets a plethora of ideas as to how to rejuvenate the relationship with said “bed girlfriend.” He is also quite impressed by his existing knowledge on the topics listed on the site and immediately calls his mom to thank her for raising him correctly.

    Mark’s mom has made today an early shopping day and strolled through Macy’s as she spoke to her proud son on her cell. She greets a young woman standing behind the cash wrap with a faint smile as she passes. The sales girl, Lilli, smiles back and then continues to search the web on her register computer. After starting on, she has somehow meandered through site after site of “success stories” and women bragging about Mr. Right only to end up searching for articles on why men have no manners anymore (she was a little upset after her blind date last night spanked her as she walked to the bathroom). Queue “There’s hope yet!” she screams in her head as she clicks on the “for women” tab and follows a link to an article entitled: “how to spot the good ones…you know the ones who know this site exists.”

    Impressed and enlightened, Lilli calls her cousin Joanna to direct her to the site. She specifically wants Joanna to explore the “Chivalry school: at home” how-to guide for her long-term boyfriend. Joanna thanks her but in a more progressive and instant gratification mindset finds herself attracted to the local etiquette school listings for Chicago. An early anniversary gift? Six years IS coming up…

  10. Tim Bearden says:

    Mission: To provide foundation for up-and-coming comedians.

    Personas: Jim isn’t sure about entering the world of stand-up comedy. He knows he needs to formulate an idea for an act, present it to an audience and maintain their attention, but can’t decide how to start it. He doesn’t know where to start looking for open-mics or which ones are good for the average beginner. Our site offers users, like Jim, advice, venue overviews and a place where he can watch other comedian’s acts to get a feel for how they do it.

    Samantha feels comfortable with the act she’s developed over the years in the open-mic arena. She feels it’s time to start sending tapes or DVDs to bookers and club owners to start her career. A set tape sent to these agent types is usually 20 min in length and stacked along with 100 other hopeful comedians. The harsh reality is the booker or club owner knows within the first five minutes of the tape whether or not he or she can sell an act. Our site will provide Samantha the ability to upload her best five minutes act. She can then get feedback in the form of comments, moderated for constructive criticism only, from other comedians or bookers as to how she can improve or shape her act for different audiences.

    Alex is a stand-up comic looking to start his first open-mic night. What he’s looking for is nights, times and areas void of stand-up comedy. He and other comedians complain about most of the open-mics in Chicago being overrun with comedians who have seen their act many times. We can provide Alex with the proper tools and guidance he needs to host his open-mic. Experts can inform him about what will draw not only other comedians, but also pure audience members to make it feel like a “real show.”

    What will do is provide these personas tricks of the trade and give them focused networking opportunities. Writers will be comedy experts in some fashion and people who have an interest in stand-up comedy. They will provide reviews of venues, the best places to get noticed for potential work and advice as to how to operate within the business. Our focused networking won’t be overrun with profiles or places where comics give their resumes and headshots to people looking for entertainers. Focused networking means feedback being supplied by working (professional) comics or fellow amateurs to create a community in comedy. It’s a highly competitive field, but our goal is to provide those who know little a chance to be helped by those who know a lot.

  11. John Lendman says:

    “Where students can connect to worthwhile opportunities on their own time”

    Typical Personas:

    (Super User):
    *Joe McStudent
    *Works weekends waiting on tables near campus
    *Senior student
    *Interested in social and economic issues; volunteers at soup kitchens and food pantries during winter break in hometown downstate
    *Checks Facebook regularly; online news junkie
    *Wants to find a place to volunteer in Chicago on Thursday evenings when he’s not in class and not in work; but hates sitting at a desk wants to help deliver food to homeless population of city.

    (Casual user):
    *Mary Busywitz
    *Works unpaid internship on days she’s not in class
    *Senior student last semester
    *Interested in finding time to catch up with school work; does not want to work on weekends
    *Only uses internet for research for homework;
    *Would be interested in doing something productive (with AIDS advocacy group, women’s shelters) on her Mon. evenings off.

    (Casual user):
    *Sam Dullski
    *Single, lives in downtown dorms
    *Does not work, only has classes on Mon.,Wen. And Fri.
    *Transfer student junior year; child development major
    *Interested in finding a job but has no work experience
    *Uses internet for research homework, Facebook, has movie critic blog (nobody really reads)
    *Wants to gain experience in tutoring grade school students to put on his resume on days he doesn’t have school, doesn’t want to wake up before noon, and wants to stay around downtown or near a red line stop on Northside.

  12. Kasia Cichon says:


    2. A resource for young people who are interested in exploring the Polish culture in Chicago.

    3. Personas:

    – Joe Smith, 17- constant internet user who turns to the World Wide Web every time he needs some information. He would be interested in the website whenever he’s looking for new things to do. Exploring a different culture is something he would like to explore.

    -Marry Higgins, 25, civil engineer; likes to explore new things, go out and not spend too much. Good attitude toward technology. The website would help her find places of Polish ethnicity that are affordable whether it’s food, drink, or entertainment.

    -Ann Belcik, 20, likes to go out, doesn’t care much about the cultural aspect, good attitude toward technology, and likes Polish food. Because of that fact, she would turn to the website whenever a craving for good Polish food takes over.

    4. Joe Smith, would most likely be visiting the website rarely since he doesn’t care too much about exploring different cultures. He might come across it a couple times but he wouldn’t be a constant user.

    Marry Higgins, might check the website more often especially since she likes new things. She would be interested in different restaurants, and entertainment that is not all that common. The website would list places and costs at various venues, and so since she’s not a big spender she’ll be able to compare prices on the website.

    Ann Belcik would be the super-user, since she likes Polish food. She would turn to the website every time she’s interested in something Polish. This would be a great resource for her since everything would be in one place: restaurants, café’s, bars.

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