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your links: social tools

Please link up (and introduce) at least one site that you think does a good job integrating a community through social tools online.


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  1. Jennifer Nunez says:

    This website: is a place that journalists can go to find jobs and other information about the industry. When you sign up you are given a profile that you can keep private or public, just like myspace or facebook. You can become “friends” with other users and use it as a networking tool.

  2. Brett M says:

    I am in love with It’s an environmental blog site with the latest in greatest in green technologies, gadgets, news and other ramblings. The site does a good job of including ways to post and link to its posts through means of Digg, and other similar sites. It also posts, slideshows, has forums, posts videos, etc. It also has video spots and podcasts. I’d say one of the more cutting-edge eco-blogs out there today. Always a must-read for me.

  3. John Lendman says:

    I have been obsessed with Gaper’s Block since I started studying journalism at Columbia, and not just because it is chuck full of great story ideas. In the Merge section, which is updated on a regular basis, this site provides news stories with interesting perspectives and direct links.

    The site plays up Chicago like a township-like community and posts interesting cultural events as well as neighborhood markets in the Slowdown panel. The Flickr photo pool is also a great place to get your mind off news briefs and offers shots taken by Gaper’s Block readers around the city.

  4. It’s an obvious choice, but I think twitter is kind of cool, just for it’s simplicity. Perhaps its best used as a tool for entertainers or athletes to communicate directly with their fans without going through a reporter.

  5. Emily Capdevielle says:

    I like LinkedIn. It’s like a more professional Facebook minus the Superpoking…it’s great if you’re a freelancer like me too. You can join networks that will land you more gigs.

  6. Kate Spethmann says:

    I too have a deep admiration and appreciation for LinkedIn– it keeps me in contact with a lot of people I have networked with but in a professionally way so I don’t have to be facebook friends with them.

    Another thing I have stumbled across in research for another class and only purely find interesting and not PERSONALLY useable…at all… is It’s literally like a for Christian singles but also incorporates events that the members can go to and actually meet face to face. Somewhat creepy, but apparently very effective!

  7. Michael Purgatorio says:

    I became a Plaxo member a few semesters ago. For me, it doubles as both a business and social networking tool. I keep in brief contact with a fair amount of journalists and Columbia professors. I’m sure it will become even more useful after I graduate.

  8. Tim Bearden says: is a site I think intergrates social tools with ease. It was set up by Steve Hofstetter for comedians, but it also has ways to connect with fans, keep up on news in the industry and get potential gigs.

    It’s a trade website, but in operating an online comedy magazine I’ve found it to be very useful.

  9. Eve Fuller says:
    Yeah I know, it isn’t really new anymore. When I think “new journalism,” and “social tools” I think twitter. Why people would want to give constant updates on what they are doing…and why people think that other people care to read them I have yet to figure out. I am just listing this one because like facebook and myspace, I think I will have to give in at some point and get one.

  10. Eve Fuller says:
    If you have tried everything and still can’t get any sources, use this site! It is nice to know that someone is willing to help you….definitely a last resort, but a good one!

  11. John Lendman says:

    I know this is a bit obvious (like everyone elses seem to be) but I like the use of tags to find a common connection between photos, subjects shot and photographers. I once took a photo of a friend getting pulled over by a Texas ranger and a site about drinking and driving emailed me to ask if it could use the shot…

  12. John Lendman says:

    That site was (I thought i posted that already)

  13. Jennifer Nunez says:

    I think this Web site is a must for all professionals in any industry. It keeps you informed on what other people in your world are doing, much like sites like facebook etc. but on a more professional level.

  14. Molly Lynch says:

    I completely forgot I had an account on this one, but imeem ( is a website where you can create and share music playlists with other people. It’s a good way to stay connected and see what your friends are listening to. I always go here when I’m in a music rut and need a little inspiration in my iPod.

  15. Emily Capdevielle says: is a great way to post and share pics with friends and family.

  16. Emily Capdevielle says: is a fun site to go to. This site ranks your movie likes and dislikes with other members. Other members can also recommend movies to you based on your profile and what you’ve seen before. It’s like a Facebook for movie enthusiasts.

  17. – It’s a video hosting/sharing website that comes across lot like YouTube at first glance. But right now, before the masses get ahold of it, Vimeo is acting as a way to upload HD quality video from aspiring directors/film makers. Randomly browsing the videos on the front page one may find well edited and shot cinematography on a variety of different topics, and just like YouTube each provides the code to embed them in your website for free. While YouTube has recently followed suit in offering HD quality uploads, I can only hope that it helps preserve Vimeo’s reputation for being a teir above in terms of quality content.

  18. Brett Marlow says:

    Fashion gurus, unite at FaceHunter. This site, not only posts the latest and greatest outfits from around the globe, but also links up via Facebook, Twitter, etc. their own community while introducing its users to other blogs around the world.

    Check it.

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