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your links: new journalism

Please link up (and introduce) at least one site that you think does a great job of presenting journalism online.


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  1. Jennifer Nunez says:

    I think the website does a good job introducing online news. It is filled with up-to-date news including photos and video. It isn’t just a site filled with stories listed on one side and advertisements on the other. It is easy to navigate which is great too.

  2. Brett M says:

    I’ll preface this by saying this may not be the most prime example, but knowing what it was and what it has become, I have to give the vegetarian magazine VegNews mad props for its recent overhaul of its website,

    It used to be something similar to the old Columbia website where articles weren’t online and it was heavily subscription based, but now they’re utilizing a lot of the needed things to keep up with the industry like blogs, video spots hosted on YouTube, and allowing for users to comment on articles rather than writing in each issue. Me like.

  3. Jonathan Nelson says:

    Boing Boing ( ) has always impressed me. They rarely cover mainstream news, exceptions being huge events like the election. The site does a great job of presenting news bent towards the geek side of life. I find myself there at least three times a day.

  4. Jalopnik: obsessed with the culture of cars. (

    I suppose it says it all right there in the title. Jalopnik is a web-based publication with numerous new posts daily. If there’s anything automotive-based worth knowing, from “carpocalypse”-related industry news, new-car features/sneak peaks/reviews from practical to exotic, motor sport event highlights, car show coverage, or even one of many random automotive internet-based features, they’ve got a post covering it.

    I’m bored and in the mood for an automotive article I wouldn’t normally come across in a traditional publication, “Zombie Traffic Sign Hacking Spreads To Illinois” and “Road-Raging Prius Driver Rams Pickup, Result Predictable” are two recent titles that caught my eye just now.

  5. John Lendman says:

    I know this is a bit obvious, but when I want to be briefed on the happenings in the city I usually go straight to, and click on the Metro and News Briefs links under the City Room section. Everything here is so succinct, to the point and packaged neatly with an accompanying photo or audio interview.

    The site is also streamlined and simple enough to navigate, which is something I think many news sites can’t seem to find the value in. The left panel also offers AP national wire stories as well as AP local wire stories separated and cleanly presented.

  6. Though it probably does more reporting on journalism than actual journalism, I’ve always enjoyed reading Gawker ( The home site of the network is always posting on the journalism industry, both print and online. I was first introduced to Gawker through reading Deadspin (, the sports site in the network, and probably the most read sports blog on the Web.

    Just last week ESPN credited Deadspin with breaking a story involving steroids in baseball. I think all the Gawker sites do a good job of mixing irrelevant fun and actual journalism.

  7. For all of Chicago’s arts and culturey goodness, I’ve always gone to Gapers Block. ( The fact that the website is purely a web publication shows that it’s a bit ahead of the game–and this also means that its stories and events listings are updated by the hour so you aren’t missing out.

    And for recreational purposes, I’m also a huge fan of Jezebel:

  8. Emily Capdevielle says:

    I like It’s really easy to find what I want to read about, videos are constantly streaming and being updated as well. I can get everything I need to know and watch right from the homepage basically.

  9. Kate Spethmann says:

    I thoroughly enjoy for very personal and simple reasons. Sure the ads are slightly distracting, but I think the content is well-written and I like the layout and flow of the site. It’s easy to navigate and it features up and coming trends and designers in the interiors world… which I happen to admire…from afar. The site is information, but short and sweet with plenty of visual stimulus.

    When I want the hard news about what I’ve chosen to get myself into I go here: I think it’s ridiculously important to stay on top of what’s happening in the industry you are in… or want to be in.

  10. Jennie Fajman says:

    I really enjog CNN. It’s easy to navigate and it’s updated constantly so you get the freshest info. You don’t have to click on multiple links to get what you’re looking for. It’s all right there.

  11. Tim Bearden says:

    I’m a big fan of Huffington post. It’s set up just like a newspaper with many different sections, but it also allows people to weigh in on different topics.

    During the election, they had Huffington Post “Off the bus,” which allowed people who may not have worked for the publication a chance to help cover the candidates and the issues.

  12. Molly Lynch says:

    When I’m looking for good coverage of Chicago news, events and culture stuff, I’ve always been partial to Chicaogist ( I can still get all of the breaking headline news in Chicago, but I can always find something different than the Trib or Sun-Times. A great resource for finding story ideas too.

  13. Lauren Wille says: is a website that I recently started getting into. I love eating, and this is a great site for anyone who shares this love, loves to cook, or just likes to learn about food. I think this site is a great example of New Journalism and social tools because it gives you a bit of everything. You can watch clips of Top Chef, (and read of the writer’s commentary after), listen to weekly podcasts, watch or listen to interviews with chefs and food personalities, poll about your favorite beverages, and more. Everything about this site is online. There is no paper component. Everything is done with audio and video, and links are always provided. This site will also give you the chance to subscribe, donate to the Greater Chicago Food Depository, and purchase merch from their online store. On more great thing about this site is that the writer’s are funny. That’s what everyone likes, right? A little bit of humor to make things that much better.

  14. Kate Spethmann says: takes an interesting look at the high end fashion industry… and is a little more “down to earth” than say, I enjoy the “first look” it gives to anyone who is interested…

  15. John Lendman says:

    Okay, this is a horrible example but one I can’t help but check almost daily:…

    Mostly this site gets my mind off the dry hard news sites and networks I’m constantly tuned to.

    I’m not the type to be obsessed with celebrity gossip, but sometimes Perez links to really interesting sites and stories. I also like to read his blogs about social injustice issues and his running commentary on current events (with legit links to sources), they’re brief, witty and offer an interesting perspective.

  16. Jennifer Nunez says:
    I’m a girl so I like girly sites. This site does a great job visually. The pictures easily guide the reader to where they want to go. The layout is amazing and easy to navigate.

  17. Molly Lynch says:

    If you’re obsessed with making your living space adorable at an affordable price, look no further than Apartment Therapy, one of my guilty pleasures ( Best feature, hands down: house tours.

    Acting as an online-only publication, SpeedHunters delivers multiple daily doses of quality visuals and features on motor sports related topics from their contributors (mostly professionals in the niche with previous publication experience) located around the globe. Their features are often more timly, reported with better angles, and provide loads more of visual content than any magazIne could dedicate in printed pages. Not to mention that readers can sign up to be able to post comments on literally every article featured, which often sparks debate within the community. And it’s all entirely free to readers. A website that’s changing the face of automotive journalism online, while most magazines within the niche have yet to do anything truly creative.

  19. Brett Marlow says:

    I love Not only do they simplify their search and archive nearly every article, podcast, video, etc. – the site is easy to navigate around, and I love that they do full concert series I can always listen to and now they host World Cafe (<3).

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